Princess Whiskers

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Drama, drama, drama. My life is filled with it, having 4 girls and all.

Yesterday I had the day off from work, and spent the day at my Moms because, well, she has a pool. Most of the morning involved the girls bickering, but all in all they were pretty good. Mimi was a bit more 'Mimi-ish' than usual, probably because she didn't get much sleep the night before.

In the middle of one of her 'Mimi' moments aka temper tantrums, she closed the french doors on her hand, and then proceeded to scream like someone was stabing her in the eye.

She shows me her hand, and the poor kid pinched it pretty good. Once she calmed down I did ask to take a pic of it though, because I'm a bad mother......but also because of what came out of her mouth after this happend....


" I need a cast like Whiskers". My mom and I did explain to her that she doesn't need a cast, or a bandaid because she didn't break anything, nor was she bleeding. Though she was insistant that she needed a cast.

Who's Whiskers? Well, that's the worlds most spoiled kitten. Ever. In the history of the Universe.

My mom got this kitten about, I dunno 3 months ago maybe? It's like her new baby, has totally replaced the stupid ugly dogs. It has it's own basement appartment. No joke. Like a cat village.

Anywho, this cat broke his leg a few weeks back and has had it's leg in a cast.... poor kitty.


Though, if you can beleive it, he's more spoiled now. Lavished with attention, even the vet calls this MALE cat princess, and now, so do I:)

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