I'm so proud

Sunday, June 07, 2015

My hubby has been growing his hair out for the last few years. At first I thought it was pure laziness. For 8 years he had a shaved head and all of a sudden he had hair I was confused and I remember someone in my family commenting on the fact he had hair and I made fun of him. He quietly shot me down with " I'm going to grow it out and donate it smart ass". I felt embarrassed, like an idiot and then instantly proud. 

I'm not going to lie, before it was long enough to tie it back it was bad lol. There were some days I wanted to chop it off in his sleep. But once he finally had it long enough to rock a man bun I was in love. That was until the facial hair started to get as long. Lol. 

We were on our way out to Starbucks this morning and we had all the windows down. Both my hair and nicks were all over the place. I am totally used to this. Him not so much lol 

After Starbucks he checked in at the hair dressers to see if it was long enough to donate. And it was! So buh bye hair! A couple people watching commented to Nevaeh that her daddy was doing a really great thing. So proud of my boy. 

And when we got home the beard had to go. ( the pic below scares me )

And his after ...

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