May Recap.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

I'm in a blog slump. I feel like I haven't decided fully what I want my blog to be about, I'm still 'finding myself' I guess. I don't really have a posting routine except for the Style Me Blogger link ups which leaves the rest of the week floating around with me trying to decide what to write. I like weekend re-caps but that's more for me to look back on years from now and see what I did with my kids. And how they looked, and what they wore, and oh jeez - they didn't brush their hair.

When Deena posted last night that she's doing a month in review link up I thought perfect I can totally link up to that.

So What did May look like for the Miller/Hunter/Wesley household:

- I turned 35. This involved me having to renew my licence, which means the next time I get my photo taken for it I will be 40......eek!

- I spent mothers day with my girlies, and visited my mom and it was lovely. (My sister and I totally paid for my mom to join the Summer Style Challenge for Mothers Day!!)

- I had 20 something photo shoots - Needless to say the busy season has started. You can see some of my fave sessions here.

- I've had 7 Old Navy orders come to my door in May. Sadly - this isn't that many (this is me on a shopping ban until the next list comes out)

- My almost 16 year old daughter got her first job! (Yay - I no longer have to pay for her clothing!!)

- My 10 year old received an award at school for great independent study

- IPSY bag came in and I fell in love with the IT cosmetics CC cream and then ordered a whole kit from the shopping network which I said I would never ever do.

- We had cold ass weather here in Ontario and sweaty warm weather. It couldn't make up it's mind.

- I saw the new Avengers and Pitch Perfect 2 in Theatres- and loved both!

That's it. I think next month I need to keep better track of what happens! Here are some pics of the last month.

So I'm linking up with Shoes To Shiraz - make sure you check her monthly re-cap - and the other ladies!

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  1. looks like a fun month AND so happy I got to see you and have I mentioned yet how in LOVE I am with all my pics?! You're awesome.
    I'm a little jelly I didn't get that CC cream in my ipsy bag, although that likely would have ended in me buying a ton of makeup so maybe it's a good thing. Can't wait to see what we get this month :)

  2. I love love love IT Cosmetics too! Great post!

  3. Thanks for joining in! I really like how you put all the pictures at the end of it..I may borrow that idea


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