Sister trip day 3.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

So Friday night (you can read about Day 1 & 2 here) I slept horribly. A mix of not sleeping in my own bed, along with pre-wedding shoot jitters made it impossible to sleep. I woke up around 6:30 and got ready quickly - I had to start photographing Sarah getting ready at 8am. Carol-anne and I decided we would meet up around 9am to head to the church this way she could get ready with baby and not have to follow me. This meant me walking to their hotel by Boston. By myself. Like did I say by myself??
I grabbed coffee, was all dressed in my wedding going outfit, and walked down this street: (this is just behind Fenway). I was nervous to say the least. But TOTES looked like a local  - for reals. Someone asked me for directions even.
I walked across this bridge, in heels guys, holding my coffee like a true Bostonian. after that I didn't take pics with my cell phone until after the ceremony. It was a bit chaotic.

Ya, I know a lot of selfies, but I really liked my dress.
The good thing about a 10am ceremony and 12noon brunch wedding is that there was a break from 3-7 for us to tour around. We hopped in a cab around 5pm to head downtown. This ended up being the WORST timing as the baseball game just let us. People and traffic it was crazy. But the Jays won so we rubbed that into our cab drivers face. Speaking of which, he was THE BEST CAB DRIVER ever. Seriously, he basically was one of those dudes on the double decker tour buses with the microphone, except he was driving a cab like a mad person and cutting people off like crazy. He gave us his own personal tour of things. The north end was my favourite I think. I definitely have to go back again for longer. So much to see.
Their reception was held at the Bell in Hand Tavern (oldest pub in the US) and it was fantastic. The couple had 'signature' drinks. The Patriot and the Loyalist. I was team Loyalist, and might have drank 5 too many.

Cousins! Sarah's gonna kill me for this one (but I look way worse). David has no idea what to do with his hands.

The married couple and us:)

After this pic we called it a night and left. It was around 10pm and we knew we had to get up early. We soon realized we hadn't eaten a thing since 12. So I bought this fantastic (NOT) microwave dinner to cook in the hotel. I thought this was hilarious and had to send pictures to Nick, who was not impressed with how funny I thought I was.

Then I passed out. Woke up with massive headache so there were no photos from our 14 hour drive home the next day:)
Best weekend this year so far!
Real photos with real camera to be on the Miller Ellis blog next week!
Read the first part of our trip here

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