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Friday, June 26, 2015

So I'm teaming up with my blog friends to bring you our summer reads.

This blog post is stressing me out. I'm one of those people who says "this is my favourite" to everything. I can't pick just one. I have to group things by genre. For example I can't just have one favourite tv show. Impossible. So I have the best "messes with your head" show - LOST.  And best mother daughter feel good show - GILMORE GIRLS.  And best Hot Boy show - FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS.  By the way I don't use real genres. 

Also, I feel like I should be talking about the classics or books that make me look smart like 1984,  To Kill a Mocking Bird, or Wuthering Heights. To me, those aren't summer reads. In the summer if I'm reading I typically have a drink in hand which means I don't want anything too heavy. Winter is the time for good deep reading (because fires and blankets and couches).

So here are books I recommend ( by genre) for summer:

Best historical/hotboy/romance/time travel book: Outlander (and series) by Diana Gabaldon


If you haven't read this book ( or the many that follow) run quick to your nearest Indigo or Barnes and Noble. Like right now. I always warn people "get through the first 200 or so pages and then you will thank me". This book SERIOUSLY changed my life. I don't mean that in a cheesy self help way. I mean that in the I won't settle for less than Jamie Fraser way. Confession: the fact that Nick has red in his beard and is part Scots helps him stay alive most days.

For reals ladies this book is my jam. My lady jam.
Bonus: it's now a mini series on tv and you can see him in real life. And it's glorious. 



Next up:
The best " all women need to read this book" book: The Red Tent by: Anita Diamant


My friend Dawn gave this to me as my wedding gift in 2003. I've tried to read it at least once a year since. I won't go into too much detail but it's beautifully written And all women should read it. I'm going to have Mady ( my oldest ) read it this summer. Also a side note, I vote we go back to all getting our 'moon blood' at the same time, and locking ourselves in a room drinking wine and eating crap while the men stay out. Yes? okay.

Best "I read it because my dad told me to" book: The Golden Compass ( His Dark Materials)

It's been years since I've read it but I loved this book so much. Maybe because it reminded me of CS Lewis mixed with JRR Tolkien a bit? I'm not sure to be honest. My dad didn't read us kids stories when we grew up, we had the Hobbit so maybe it's in my blood to love a good fantasy novel? The geek in me runs deep.  I couldn't put any of the books down. Written for teens but had so many political and religious themes that kept me intrigued. Must read forsure. 
Don't see the movie. Terrible.

Best "makes you cry, and snot all over your face" book: Fault in our Stars or the lovely bones. Bawled through both. And yes I read them both before they were movies. Ya'll I'm hipster like that. 

Best "scary as eff don't put magnet letters on the fridge ever again" book: bag of bones by Stephen king. 


I read this book and didn't sleep for 2 days. Terrified me. Stephen king for me is hit or miss. I'm a lazy reader sometimes and he's pretty discriptive.   I need dialogue. So bag of bones satisfied me because it was written in first-person. This isn't Stephen King's usual forte ( correct me if I'm wrong) but I loved it. Plus who doesn't like a good ghost story. 

and finally...

Best "trashy" book: not 50 shades. Relax. Basically any Nora Roberts. She's my guilty pleasure. I especially love the trilogy's. Easy cottage or beach reads. 


I usually read a lot (haven't lately - my bad!) and have probably left out some amazing books, but like I said - most are my favourites. Unless I hate it (Husbands Secret, I'm looking at you).

And here is what I plan on reading while on mini vacation next week :

Not going to lie, I fully intend on sitting in a lawn chair for 3 days drinking wine, reading this. My kids can play with sticks and build a fort or something:)

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  1. um you're hilarious!
    I'm going to have to go back through everyone's post to make my amended 'must read' list. And then, in 5 years when I maybe sleep again, I can read them lol

  2. I love this, you're so funny! My Mother-In-Law just bought us all those books in the Outlander series...they're currently sitting on our front door table...I love how passionate you are about all these books, and makes me want to go out and buy them immediately! Will have to check some of these out. Thanks!

    1. Oh and I totally do the same, read a book and a few years later can read it again and it's like reading it for the first time because I have no idea what happens! I guess we're lucky like that because we get to enjoy the book all over again, and not have to spend more money on another book??? hehe.

    2. Lol ya. I'm a creature of habit. I love re reading books. I also mourn books when they are done. I get so invested in characters. What does that say about me ?! Lol

  3. Oh. My. God. Jamie Fraser. 'nuff said. I have many bonny fine dreams about him. I love all your picks and definitely have my in groups too.

  4. I read Amy Poehler's book this year and thought it was pretty funny!

  5. Giggling over here all the way through your post. Hope you can read and wine to your heart's content on vacay. The Red Tent is on my list and her sequel or next title, is too. Came across it at the Holocaust Museum. I am all for your Moon Blood idea...except my moon no longer bleeds. Can I still join? I can drink wine with the best of them. XO

    1. Hahah. Yes Leslie. You can join. I'm glad you laughed at that one. That joke could have gone either way :)

  6. I loved Yes Please! Great book for summer or any time really. It has fun pictures and the text is bright and has fun fonts, very visual! Thanks for sharing your list. Happy Friday!

  7. So funny! I've read all of these except Outlander and the Amy Pohler book. Have a fun mini vacay!

  8. I love your categories :) oh, and His Dark Materials- I LOVE those. It really is too bad the movie was horrendous. I've also thought about reading The Outlander, but isn't it a ridiculously long series? And the books just get bad partway through? I think?

    1. Alison go get outlander now and at least read the first 3. Seriously. You will write me and thank me:)

  9. Love this are too funny!! I really think we'd be great friends! Talking books, TV (those three are on the top of my faves list too) and drinking wine!! I'm not kidding when I tell you I have had The Red Tent on my shelf for over ten years and have not read it!! I think I'm gonna add it to my list!!

  10. I've heard Yes, Please is so good. It's kinda on my list too.


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