How I did my hair week 7.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Linking up with Sarah again for week 7 of the hair challenge. Check her out HERE.

Abby did my hair Saturday before I went to a wedding. She braided it and then twisted hair into it and folded it under.

Not bad for her first try !

Onto my blow out I said I would try last week. Here is the vid clip I followed ( Sarah is my new hair crush) I wanted to post the video directly on my blog, but it wouldn't let me but honestly - check it out!!

And here is my outcome. 
It was 6:39 am hence the crap lighting and tired eyes.

My photo doesn't do it justice but I had more volume than I normally do and I got 4 compliments in the morning. Everyone thought I had my hair cut / styled. Also it only took me 19 minutes to blow dry this way.  Gonna try on a weekend when I'm not so rushed for work and see if I can get anymore volume lol bigger the hair the closer to God they say.

This is day two of the blow out:

And kids hair I did this week:

Madison before her Valentine's date. 

Nevaeh before our American girl adventure. 
Next week - I'm going to try Velcro curlers. Yup, it will be 1996 up in here.

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  1. loving all the ideas...I forgot about velcro curlers!!!

  2. haha, Love the blow out, So going to try that. That video made it look so easy! Can't wait to see your vlecro curlers!


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