How we spent ....

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

.....Family day.

I wish I could say we woke up Monday morning to the sound of birds chirping and kids saying nice things to each other while cleaning their rooms. 

This is how it went down:
- dogs barking at the door to go out
-front door slamming because the 13 year old decided she was going to Tim Hortons ( she didn't ask)
- Nevaeh laying in bed refusing to clean her room 
- Mimi asking me over and over what the plan for the day is. And when I say I'm not sure lets go out and and wing it she loses her mind and her anxiety kicks in. ( she needs a plan always )
- Madison freaking out because she needs me to braid her hair before she goes out in 10 minutes. 

All this and I haven't had coffee yet. I'm not writing this to complain but to paint a realistic portrait of how my family day started. There wasn't group hugs or pleasantries. It was a mad house of screaming. And my house was a disaster.

But. We still managed to salvage the day. We all worked together to clean up the house before we left. Mady and Abby decided to go to the outlet mall so we took the littles to Starbucks.

We had no plan but we all knew outdoor activities were out because well if I'm being honest it was a lazy day. So we drove to Walmart in Bradford and got crafts. Kids came home and spent the afternoon painting. 

The rest of the day was lovely. I caught up on laundry and watched "miss you already" to which I cried for half the movie Nick made a great dinner and then the Grammys were on. This post was more or less a Journal entry for myself to look back on, and to remind myself you can still save the day, and have it not end in temper tantrums.


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  1. Love just regular days like these. You'll love looking back on this and seeing the chaos that is your life :)


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