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Thursday, February 04, 2016

Welcome! You've probably landed here from Sarah's Blog!  After which you'll be heading over to see a day in Shaunacey's life. 

My day in a life breakdown is not a typical day for us, because we attended a wedding together as a family (typically it’s me going to photograph it, without 4 kids) So this should be an interesting breakdown .

It started at 7:35 am. My alarm went off. I hate when I can’t sleep in. Yes, that's my home screen on my phone above. I don't own an alarm clock, I use my phone

I decided before I faced the world and while everyone was still sleeping, I would grab a bath quickly. Reading the stupid book that wouldn’t end . I think I managed 3 pages this particular morning. I didn't want to post a bath pic, so this is what you get LOL

As I went downstairs still groggy, I found 3 kids playing Minecraft, house a mess.

Needing coffee I went to my Keurig.

And the cupboard was flipping empty. No coffee. I had 4 kids hair to do, plus my own make-up and hair. Plus convince nick he needed a haircut. How do I not have coffee in my HOUSE?

So this happened. I drove to Timmies, and bought all of us breakfast and coffee and now was officially broke.

Got home to realize that I hadn’t bought wrapping paper for the wedding gift and that Mimi needed new tights for under her dress. Off to Walmart I go.

Flustered but now home, I figure out it’s now 11:00 and nick needs to go get a haircut now or he won’t be at all. So I kick him out of the house, and decide to start doing hair for the kids. Being super lazy, I decide to plug my curling irons in downstairs in front of the TV so I can watch a movie at the same time. Genious I’d say. 13 going on 30? Okay.

I start with Mimi’s hair. She wants curls, with some hair pulled back. She has the shortest hair of all 4 girls, so figured this would be quick. Nope – though it maybe short, she has TONS of hair. But it looked adorable.

Next up was Abby who let me experiment with some video I found online. It looked adorable.

Next was Nevaeh who insisted that she not have curly hair at all, but straight with specific braids.

And then up was Mady and this point I’m freaking out because I have less than an hour to get her hair, plus mine and my make-up done and be out the door. I curled her hair, and didn’t even attempt a photo. A) because she’s a teenager which basically means only she can take a photo and B) I had no time.

I got ready in 20 minutes and felt like a hag, but hey, my kids looked great.

Off we went leaving my house in shambles.

Nick drove us there, while I tried to get a selfie and this is the best I got. And then I tried to take a pic of his new hair and go this:

Here are some photos from throughout the night.

No videos of the drive home because I may or may not have consumed too much wine and misplaced my phone in the car. Whoops!

So there you have it, that was my Jan 23rd in a nutshell. I feel like it's not a very good reflection of a normal day for me, so yesterday I tried to video tape bits and pieces of my day and put them together. It's a bit better, but I really only had Abby and Nevaeh yesterday so I'll do it again on a day when all 4 kids are home LOL. Plus Nick did drop off to school and pick up from daycare, but you get the gist of my day. Yes, I drink a LOT of Tim

Don't forget to head to head over to Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy and see Shaunacey's day here. 

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  1. LOVe the video and a look into your day. Why is it that we always spend so much time getting everyone else ready and then get shafted. Ah well. Glad you had some tims at least!

  2. Love, love, love that this is the day you got to share!! Your family is beautiful!! Not only do you have photography skills you have hair skills!! :)

  3. YAY roll up the rim is back!!!!!
    You and Sarah have the best hair stylin' skills... I'm jelly!
    Also, how in the sweet H did you manage to do your makeup so great in such a short time?! well done my friend, well done
    love the video, I need to learn some video editing skills... apparently I have no skills... lol wahhhh
    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

    1. I've won shit all on roll up the rim. Bah. And thanks lady - my video editing skills are not good. Trust me. Deena is wayyyy better. I just taught myself last night.

  4. I was surprised that your girls play minecraft as well. That is all my boys want to do.
    Also, with boys I don't own a brush. I get all the time in the world to get ready since there are no other heads to style. Joy of boys! Ha!

    1. Ya they love it!! They play any chance they can get over the winter, I don't allow it in the summer. I'm a mean mom and kick them outside.

  5. I loved the video! Such a nice touch and I liked the music that you picked out. :) Isn't that how it always is with getting the family ready? You're always the last to get ready and get the shaft, although you looked fantastic for a 20 minute make-up/get ready job! I don't think I could have done it!

    1. thanks! I rushed, you should have seen my false eyelash job - terrible!!

  6. I love the time you take to do your girls' hair. I see so many bedraggled little babies at school, one yesterday had a virtual bird's nest in the back of her head. Beautiful mom and daughters, lovely wedding photos.

    1. Couldn't see the video first go-round but found it now. How did you take the video, holding the camera or with some kind of gadget? Tool of the trade, if you will? Really well done! You should be a photographer, oh, wait!

    2. ha! The 'camera' was my cell phone, and I just hand held it. that's all. Just merged all the little clips throughout the day on iMovie on my MAC laptop. Fairly simple. I had a better song picked out but then youtube made me take it off and replaced with that lame song LOL

  7. oh! and trust me, some days my kids have rat nest hair. Simply because when I'm out of the house early they don't brush their hair.

  8. Love the video - great added bonus! Your hair skills are amazing. I can't do my own hair, let alone anyone else's. But I only have boys so that shall be my excuse.

  9. No coffee would be a disaster for me too...but you rocked those hair styles for the girls.

  10. You did a great job on the hair styles! I love the twisted braid/fishtail look.

    Daily Style Finds


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