Week 8 of doing my hair.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I've been linking up with Sarah at Foxy's domestic side for 8 weeks now - you should check out her hair challenge here.

This week I was going to tackle Velcro curlers. And I managed to use one.

I Have a strapless tank on. I swear I'm not naked lol. 

I blew my hair out my normal way and un rolled my bangs. Resulting in this :

Man I look miserable. Also hair was meh. Wasn't happy. 

Next day I round brushed into curls but pinned the curls to set. This was much better 
Bigger curls. Yay!

Last night I finally got my hair coloured after a year. My grey was terrible. So I needed Sometning badly. And a change. I needed some blonde back. And thanks to Melissa I have some amazing balayage
Before is above. 

And after 

It was really late so pardon the crap light photos

And this one I took this am after sleeping on my curls lol

How did you do your hair this week ??

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  1. yup, definitely trying a grey blonde someday!
    Shoes to Shiraz

  2. LOVE the new do!! Also, you're going to have to come give me some hair lessons... mine is a trainwreck most days

    Simply Shaunacey

    1. hahah. Thanks:) and hardly - everytime I see you your hair is perfect.

  3. oh love the new color! Looks great on you. And I love that you pinned up your hair to get those curls. I tried curling my hair this morning and realized half way through that my curling iron was broken! haha, so half of my head got curled, oops!

    1. Thanks! and that sucks, I would cry if mine broke!

  4. Love this color!! Hove fun!! I have to do SOMETHING with mine!!


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