Hair Challenge Week 5

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Linking up with Sarah at Foxy's Domestic Side again!

This week I thought I would concentrate on one particular style, since it's nearly impossible for me now to do pictures every day. I'm pressing snooze wayyy to often!!

So last week I mentioned my goal was to learn the fishtail braid. It's actually not that complex of a braid, it's just way harder to do on yourself than on others.

here is my fist go at it.

I learned really quickly that the trick is to put an elastic on the top and then braid and then cut it at the end. Ya, that's probably cheating, but whatever.

Then I tried to do a double fishtail, one across all halo like, and then one down. Just call me Katniss.

Those darn fly aways tho!

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  1. so now I want extensions so I can braid like that.

  2. LOL, Katniss! Love it, I tried the fishtail this week too, and was total fail. But I do like how you did the half halo half fish tail, will have to remember that!


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