If I offended you I'm sorry.

Friday, April 22, 2016

To those I may have offended in the past. 

In this new journey for a better me I can't really move forward until I look back a bit. And apologize. When Instagram and Facebook really got popular people started posting all sorts of stuff. What they wore, or ate that day or their work out routine. A few years ago ( I want to say 2012) I was miserable. Hated myself. My body. I was overworked, overweight. Didn't take care of myself at all dressed frumpy and judged everyone. I would joke around about friends posting their body rock videos or flexing. Really I was just jealous they had their shit together. and it's super embarrassing to admit that. But being the well adjusted human being I am now I can look back at that time and learn from how horrible I was, say sorry and move on.  That doesn't excuse my mean girl-ness at all. I just can't fix what had said.  I can just learn. And now that I'm going on my journey and posting the crap out of it. I'm probably annoying someone out there too. But this new me , the almost 36 year old me, finally doesn't give two shits about what others think. So if I've judged you, I'm sorry. 


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  1. I like you. You're awesome. That is all.

  2. YOU are freaking AWESOME!!! Have I told you that before? Your honesty is so refreshing!
    I also truly think we've all made mistakes and haven't always been as kind as we should for whatever reason but that what really matters is that we learn and change which clearly you've done.
    Also, I find it so interesting that you're in a profession where you literally make people feel beautiful. I have had so many times where I have felt so insecure/self-conscious but truly you and Tanya have taken some pictures that make me feel more beautiful than I ever thought possible. So ya, you're awesome!!

    Simply Shaunacey

  3. We need to hang out soon, you make me happy.


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