Truthfully Tuesday.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Hi. I'm Nicole. And sometimes I'm an awesome mom, and sometimes not so much. Here are some truths from the last little while that I figured I would share ...

Truth 1 -Yesterday I completely forgot Nevaehs baby sitter was off for the day and at 3:05pm I remembered. You know the exact time she was supposed to be picked up from school. Thank god I have my neighbours cell phone number and I caught her before she left the school with her kids. Or poor little nev would have been waiting for someone. #momfail

Truth 2 - I hate making lunches just like most moms but I hate signing agendas more. I'm so good September - November. Now I have no idea where they are. Teachers hate me. And I don't care. I work 2 jobs and have 4 kids. I can't even remember the teachers names half the time I have so many kids so I have a note on my phone to remind me. Before I get grief about this , remember I'm lucky I remember my kids names. 

Truth 3 - sometimes I want to punch nick in the face and kiss him five minutes later. And not in a 50 shades kinda way. In the I can hate and love you with equal passion. I'm fairly certain this is reciprocal. 

Truth 4. My car is disgusting. Like My house can be spotless but my car - nope. I have clothing. Toys. Tim Hortons cups and bags and God only knows what else in there. You want me to drive you somewhere? Just put your feet on the junk and pretend it's not there. 

Truth 5. Mornings are bad for me. I'm not a morning person and have zero patience. I've lost it on the kids on more than one occasion and felt guilty about it all day at work. Only to share that with co workers who've also done the same. Thank god for honest other moms who sometimes lose their shit. I hate Pinterest moms. ( can that be a hashtag)?!

Do you have any truths - love to hear them. They will make me feel better:)

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  1. I love this. I have wanted to remember to post these on Insta and then keep forgetting- love that you turned it into a blog post. You so smart!

  2. Gosh I missed this one too! Work has been crazy this month with deadlines. Usually I have an hour or so to comment on blogs, but nope not this month! I love that you turned this into a post...and my patience after I get home from work and mostly during bath time, I'm screaming at the kids. I'm not looking forward to the hot weather when the windows are always open...I'm going to have to keep myself in check!

  3. Love the transparency and honesty here!! Yes to the #IHatePinterestMoms!


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