Optifast week 12

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Weeks seem to be flying by. It's crazy. We had our 12th class on Tuesday and I've successfully drank shakes for 10 weeks. No cheating ! 

I'm scared to death of food !! Yikes. 

I've the past week I've had a few non scale victories I'm pretty proud of. As I'm trying not to focus on scale ( no more weight lost posting till end of shakes)

1. I bought a dress in the non plus size section of a store. WHAT ?!?! I could have cried. Mind you it was a Xxl but still. 

This is said dress :

Pretty right ? The dress not me. Ha!

2. I swapped out my 3xl jacket for xl at old navy. 

3. And then Tanya bless her heart found some lovely pics of me from a wedding last August wearing one of my fave floral dresses and put side to side with one from a pic of me wearing the same dress June 3 this year. 



4. My blood pressure meds have been cut in half. Yay!! 

5. I worked out every day. Even the morning before I shot a 10 hour wedding. 

Wish me luck over this long weekend. My last long weekend on shakes !!

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  1. Yipee - congrats on the non scale victories!

  2. round of high fives coming your way!

  3. I am so in awe of you! What you've accomplished so far is incredible and how fun that you can SEE and FEEL results!

  4. I am so freakin' proud of you my friend. Like Deena said, lots of high fives!

  5. Incredible. In twelve weeks you have had such sensational results. I remember loving the photo (Insta?) of you in the maxi dress from your shoulders up. You look so pretty in that bright floral pattern. So happy for you, my friend!


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