Miss me?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm sure you did.

We'll, I've been in Photoshop Hell for the past week. And now that I can finally see the light I figured I should blog.

I'd like to issue an appolgy to the following:

My sister: Sorry you haven't gotten your daily neice fix.

Nevaeh: sorry mommy has been so busy

Merlin: Sorry you haven't been properly walked all week. You're luck you've been fed

Yes, I just said that.

Nick: Sorry your dirty socks are still on the floor. They'll get washed one day

My lawn: Sorry you haven't been mowed. Meh, it's almost fall. You'll get mowed AFTER the snow

My Stove: I will use you again one day I swear. Take out is just so convenient at the moment

My Bank Account: Sorry it's the beginning of school. Hence the reason so much money is coming out but not going back in. After hot lunches, insurance (whole other post on this one), new clothes, dance registration, sparks registration, and Guides registration. I think you're just about cleaned out.....just wait till Christmas :S

Umm.... I think I've got it all? Oh wait, Pictures.

Blogging without pictures is just wrong.

So here you go:



These are the only non-client pictures I've taken in one week. Yes, I'm a good mother.

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