Thanks Daddy...

Friday, September 04, 2009

Or as I like to call this blog post, Part 2 of the Wine Series.

I have no idea how I thought I could possibly blog that day in just one post.

So Tuesday, after we left Angels Gate where I bought wine I wasn't going to buy, we drive to East Dell for our final Wine tasting of the day.

Mom suggests we go for a walk.


Nevaeh likes walking


She also likes vineyards


I hate the lighting, all of my pictures are crap.


We get back to the Gift/shop restaurant, and I pose for this silly picture, the only picture of me on this trip. I hate pictures.


We decide we're STARVING (drinking all that wine can do that, dontcha know), so we eat here instead of waiting to eat in Jordan. The restaurant is lovely, and we eat outside, over looking the fields. Very pretty. I try and ignore the wasps.

Nevaeh eats

Mom and Carol-anne eat/drink

and I take pictures and annoy everyone.

I'd like to say "THANKS DADDY" for paying for lunch even though you weren't there, you were with us in spirit. Kinda.

Yummy pretty food.

She ate the pita chips, and then I dipped it into the spinach dip she made the funniest face ever (which of course I didn't get a pic of) and then kept right on eating...

and if your thinking "hey is that one of those adorable clips your mom makes in Nevaeh's hair??"

Yes, yes it is


Tomorrow.....Jordan, and Bath and Body Works. Phew, almost done.

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