On on the Off ramp...

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I'll be doing this post in 2 parts (or possibly 3) as I cannot decide what pictures to post from yesterdays excursion, so without totally overwhelming you, I'll break it up.

Plus it keeps ya'll coming back....and I like seeing my counter go up. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Last week Nick informed me that on his days off this week, he was going to help a friend put a roof on his mothers house. Up North (north to him is freaking Coldwater, 30 minutes away...who knew that was up north?!). Anyways, Me, being the baby that I am couldn't stay home alone for 3 days. The older 3 kids are on a camping trip with their dad and his fiance, so it's just me and Nevaeh. So I figured, hey, I'll stay at my parents house. Then possibly go visit my sister in Stoney Creek, go shopping etc.

Which then Turned into a Wine Tasting day with my Mom and Sis. So, plan was I was to drive (Mother doesn't drive on any hwy that starts with a 4....that's her rule) And since the fastest way there is the 407 to the QEW, well that left me to drive. Which was fine, I said sure no prob, we'll take your car, and I'll drive. Will be fun.

Let me just start out by saying I freaking hate driving. Hate it. I'm terrible at it, and hate it. Always have. When I was married to Ken, he drove me everywhere, and I never had to worry about it. Then when we split, it was up to me, and I had to suck it up. NOW, God has blessed me with a Hubby, a Best friend and a sister who do not drive ...So I'm the driver. Everywhere.


So, I do pretty good, don't get lost and follow the directions the lovely lady on the GPS gives me. She's great. I'm in love with the GPS lady. Then all of a sudden, the GPS lady goes temporarily insane, and makes me get OFF the QEW before my exit, and drive downtown Hamilton for a bit. I'm confused, so is my mom. Then finally she gets us back on the Highway. She says "turn left on ramp" So I do. EXCEPT then I go temporarily insane and drive onto the off ramp!!! I'm like that crazy lady backing up on the 400 who missed her ramp.

At this point I'm totally freaking out. I'm so thankful no one had decided to pick that particular time to exit the highway right into my mother and me. I do a quick U-turn, get off the off ramp (confused yet?) and then turn around and get on the right ramp.

Then try and compose myself. It's not even 10am and I already need wine.

We finally make it to Carol-Anne's and then we're ready to get me a much needed drink.

First we hit

So pretty. And yummy. We quite enjoyed the wine there, had a few tastings...to say the least

And yummy cheese


Nevaeh likes wine.


We walked around out side a bit


But then left for Angels Gate...


I said "I'm not buying more wine here" and left my purse in the car. Try to conserve my money for other wineries and for our big shopping trip in Jordan and then our visit to Bath + Body Works.

So we get inside this really cool building


And I taste the Gamay Noir and almost die. Had to buy it. Or rather mom had to buy it for me, since my money was in the car......I'm terrible at not spending.

Okay I'm stopping here, tomorrow I'll blog about East Dell, which was fab. Our HUGE trip to Jordan Village and lastly, why my lips are tingly. I love Bath + Body works.

Peace out.

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  1. haha... ok that GPS thing had me laughing out loud! :P

  2. You crack me up!!!

    I love wine...

    Downtown Hamilton is hella confusing...we lived there and I remember my dad swearing he was never coming back for a visit because it was too damn confusing to drive there lol.


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