Sunday, September 06, 2009

I'm taking a break from the wine pics (not that there's much left) but I'll finish that blog series next week.

I could just leave it where it was, but Carol-Anne keeps nagging me about posting pictures I know your riveted.

I'm moody this weekend, and not good company. Friday night I was up late baking cakes, so that I could spend all of Saturday night decorating them. I don't know why we offered to make them for the family party today. A costco cake would have sufficed.

Ah well.

Mini story about Karma. Friday night, kids were eating at the table nice and quietly, and all of a sudden Abby starts SCREAMING like somoene is killing her.

Me: Abby what is it?
Me: A bee? No, there are no bee's in the house silly. I'm sure a fly just landed on you, you are overreacting.
Abby: Noooo Mom. It was a BEEEEE it hurted.

I look at her nose, and think nah. She's crazy (Abby has a tendancy to be dramatic)
I wave my arms and look about saying "look no bee hun"

Abby: Maybe it was a fly, but it HURT

So she stops crying so I figure, hey, it wasn't as 'painful' as she first thought.

Then her nose swelled to 5 times it normal size. And I found a dead Bee on the floor. Figures. So, I apologize to her, saying sometimes Mommy's make mistakes.

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon. I'm driving to my mothers house. Windows open, lovely weather right? Well I'm going about 100 80 km/hr, and a bug knocks into my van hits me in the side of the face and falls down the side (door side) of the van. I scream like a girl (still driving mind you) the kids all freak out, and I'm weaving all over back and forth on Hwy 11.

I can't find the bug, and try and put it out of my memory.

We safely get to my mothers. I unpack all our stuff, start helping kids get into their bathing suits. I sit down on her computer chair for a second and OWWWWWWWWWWWWW

That bug that came in the window was a bee. It was currently Stuck in my Ass. Pardon my french.

Abby: see, that's what you get for not believing me, it bites you in the butt
Mimi: are you okay Mommy?

Karma. Ugh.

Hopefully I'll be in a better mood this week.

Oh, and here's a pic of the cake.


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  1. Love the cake!!!

    Karma sure did get you, didn't it??? lol.


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