For my sister

Monday, August 30, 2010

I've been really really really avoiding this. I so don't have the energy to blog right now. And every time I thought 'hey it's been two weeks since my last blog post' I felt guilty somehow. Which, lets face it is ridiculous. Because who reads this? My sister, my mother and Tanya. Oh and my stalker Monica.

All of of those people can see what I'm up to on facebook.

But, my plan was to turn my blog into a book at the end of the year, kinda like a baby book, but more for me. The kids also get a kick of going through old blog posts.

So here I am.



Ramble ramble.

I have some pics from my families rib fest from a few weeks ago. But I have zero time to edit those.

I took the kids to the movies, and for a day of shopping last week (god I hate back to school), but I didn't have my camera, so no pics of that either.

So pretend I posted pics here.

Bored with this post yet?

I am.

So I'll leave you with one actual pic, that I accidentally edited from the wedding I shot on Saturday. With Nick! He actually did a pretty good job, I'm very proud of him.

He was a very good assistant.


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