Sunday, August 08, 2010

I'm on day 4 of my cold. It's almost gone, though I sound worse than I actually am. Thursday and Friday consisted of me sleeping all day long. Which then in turn kept me up all night long. I can't win.
I'd like to thank the makers of the Neti Pot. Seriously - it's been amazing. I usually get crazy sinus infections, and with me being very diligent in my 'neti-potting' I only had about a day and a half of serious pain, and now its gone.
Now I think I need to build my immune system back up, so I think instead of spending my lunch hours at work Editing photos, I'll get re-acquainted with the gym.
Grant me strength.
Anywho, this is a random blog post, basically just to whine about being sick. Hmm. What else is new? Not much. It's been a low key weekend (due to sickness). And because of the rain today we cancelled this mornings shoot, and we're leaving the afternoon one up in the air. Yesterday was a lazy day. Today involved me sorting through the kids clothes, trying to figure out what I can bring the Salvation Army. So now I have about 4 bins of clothes.
Though I should probably sell Nevaeh's wardrobe. I would make a killing.
Maybe I'll do that.
I could probably run away to Europe . And live an extravagant lifestyle.
I kid.
She's doesn't have that much clothes. Really. Honest.
Speaking of Europe, I'm reading Eat Pray Love. I adore this book. I'm really digging it. Don't be surprised if I start doing Yoga again, and eat a lot of pasta. On a serious note though, it does make me re-think a lot of my life. I love books like this:)
So, after this boring blog post, I'm going to leave you with some bubble pics I took Friday while sick. Nick was bbq'ing his dinner, but the kids wanted bubbles, so he obliged. I figured I'd need some blog pictures, so quickly took these 3.



Once I have more energy I'll blog the Santa's village photos and kempenfest photos.
But for now.....Ciao..

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