Fix it Friday

Friday, August 13, 2010

It's been a while since I've been able to do one of these, so I'm excited!

Here is the before:


Cute little guy right? I knew this one would be easy....

But the first thing I did was crop it to 10x8.

Then I cloned out that lighter part on the right hand side

I then made a duplicate layer of the background, and patched his under eye circles, lowered opacity to 67% to make it look more real.

Flattened. Then patched tooled any blotch parts (weren't many!)

I ran MCP magic light on his skin and hair at 20%

I ran MCP magic clairity and then masked the skin

I ran Magic Colour Cast Vanisher on the front of his hair (was a bit blue-ish)

Used MCP eye Doctor on the eyes

Used MCP skin cast blaster - bye bye blueberry to get rid of the 'cool' tone to his skin. I like warmer skin.

and finally ran MCP finger paint - Medium on the shirt and background.



Go Check out all the other great fixes at IHF ....happy friday!

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  1. Very nice edit! I like the way he really pops out of the background. Great job.

  2. I especially love the treatment of the background. You did a great job on that. I would love to master the under eye baggage issue, myself (editing it out, I mean) I am not there yet. Great job!

  3. excellent! thanks for the step by step. it turned out lovely :)

  4. Love the soft edit! This little guy is so dang precious!


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