I love him for many reasons....

Friday, August 06, 2010

  1. The way he holds my hand all the time, while we're walking anywhere - his hand always reaches for me.
  2. The way he cuddles me every single night in bed
  3. The way he bitches that he never has clean socks. (like hello, you know where the washer is)
  4. The fact that he watches So You Think You Can Dance with me, and actually enjoys it
  5. .... that he cried when Nevaeh was born, though he denies it (Tanya was there, she can attest to this I'm sure)
  6. He can cook almost anything and make it taste good
  7. ...He rarely complains that I burn everything
  8. He lets me listen to whatever I want while in the car, and doesn't make fun or complain about my singing at the top of my lungs.
  9. He could care less about my choice in music (which is a good thing, because his taste in music is terrible...)
  10. That he's so supportive of my photography, even though he's used the word 'hobby' a few times, after being smacked, he's learned to say 'job'
  11. I love that he doesn't drink. Not because he has an alcohol problem or anything, he just doesn't like it. Nor does he feel pressured to by anyone. Though, when the mood does strike him, and he drinks his 'girly' drinks, he's a very happy drunk. I've seen this twice in 5 years.
  12. He has no filter. He says what what comes to mind first, and this sometimes can get him in to trouble, though for the most part just makes him very honest. And genuine. No bullshit with him
  13. Which leads to ...he doesn't gossip. at all. Which is like ridiculous to me. Because all of us have a little gossip in them. Not him. And when I get gossipy -he shuts me down lol
  14. I love that he's not perfect, and he doesn't expect perfection from me
  15. He loves his work, and is good at it, so really, it's not work.

I could really go on and on, but really, I just love the way he looks holding a camera.


Petty - I know

ps. You can now 'like' my blog posts. because I'm a loser and spent an hour searching for Xml code to do add it to blogger. Fun times.

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