I'm not a videographer....

Monday, August 09, 2010

Nevaeh has been a dancing queen lately. She sings and dances every single time she hears music. Any music really, though she's not a fan of Beyonce. Which I find a bit strange, but whatever. I've kept my video camera handy for when these moments arise ( though I really need to remember to bring in the car when Mariana's Trench songs come on - because it's unreal).

So my first video is from Saturday night. I have no idea what they were watching, but it was dark, and I was so proud of myself for thinking to turn on the camera, I forgot to turn on the light. So here is the silhouette of my daughter dancing...(still cute)

This one you can visibly see her, though she's moving quickly. And you might get motion sickness, and sorry if the Hoedown Throwdown gets stuck in your head. I blame Miley

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