Day 40

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

My day went like this:

6am, wake up to nick wondering what the heck 'that noise is'. He talks in his sleep I guess. I couldn't hear a noise. Go back to sleep

6:45, wake up to alarm. hit snooze.

7:00, wake up to alarm. hit snooze.

7:15, wake up to alarm. hit snooze.

7:30, wake up on my own, turns out I didn't hit snooze last time. Panic as I have to get 3 kids ready for school, plus my self ready for work, and oh ya, Nicks supposed to leave in 15 minutes. Ha.

8:20, manage to leave the house, realize my gas light is on. Go get gas in freezing weather, drop off kids.

9:00 walk into work, quickly drink my coffee, and start working on excel report for the Registrar of the college

10:00 realize I have to stop in the middle of said report, to go to meeting. meeting is dry, want to gouge my eyes out with nearest sharpest object.

11:00 go back to work in excel. eyes are now officially bleeding

1:15, computer acts up, and report I've spent most of the day on is lost. Slam my stapler, curse a few times, get new coffee.

2:00, give up on report, start creating course sections for summer. eyes bleeding again

3:00 leave to get kids, in chilly weather

3:15 outside in minus 438598 degree weather with children. not fun.

4:00 zehrs with kids need to pick up my prescription. they insist that they NEED half of the store. I went in intending on spending maybe 20 dollars. Spend 80.

4:30, home starting chores. Kitty litter done, laundry all sorted, and most of it put away, realize I don't have 365 pic, take this pic of socks I have to sort. Fun times.
5:00 I ask Mady to take the garbage bag with kitty litter outside. She picks it up, and it breaks and I now have nasty ass kitty litter all over my house.

5:15, finally finish vacuuming

5:30, Nevaeh gets into the 'pet stink removal' powder that I had just sprinkled on the stairs. It's now all over her and all over my house.

5:31 dump Nev in the bath with Abby, start vacuuming again for the second time.

6:00 sit down finally. realize, shit, haven't started dinner.

6:02, start dinner

6:30 start feeding kids, Abby is all of a sudden sick

6:50 about to feed myself, kids all went seconds (minus Abby who's looking really sick)

7:00 manage to eat food. Send Abby to bed, get Mady to start dishes, and I'm blogging.

Not terribly fascinating I realize, but the fact that my 'relax' time is blogging is sad. I'm about to spend the rest of my evening on this computer, editing wedding photos, boudoir photos and maternity photos, and some newborns as well.

Then possibly watch a movie if I'm still coherent. Doubt that will happen.

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