Day 41

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm not sure about anyone else, but at my house, when kids are upstairs playing, and I'm on the main level, it sounds like there is a herd of elephants or something equivalent, playing in their bedrooms.

Some days I tune it out.

Others, it grates on my nerves.

Like today.

I'm eating dinner with Nick after he got home from work, 7pm ish, and the girls are playing in their room before story/bed time. I literally feel the earth shake a few times, and I swear to god, pieces of the stucco on my ceiling fell down. Then I hear crying.

I go upstairs and hear "Nevaeh tried to take my zhu zhu pet, and I wouldn't let her so she pulled my hair and dragged me around my room". This is from Abby. Who's 6 years Nevaeh's senior. So I tell Nevaeh no, and give back the toy to Abby, and go to grab my camera quickly expecting Nevaeh will have her normal temper tantrum (she's 2 remember) and that would be my 365 pic. Crying Nevaeh.

Instead, she surprises me by going to apologize to Abby. So I got this photo instead.

I then praised her up and down for apologizing, and what does she do after? Goes and punches Mimi in the stomach. I think Nevaeh was supposed to be a boy.

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