Day 51

Sunday, February 20, 2011

So this weekend we had a lot of plans but it didn’t go quite as planned. Last night Madison was holding Dora (the kitten) and all of a sudden she started shaking. Nick quickly grabbed her, said “she’s having a seizure” and stuck his finger in the cats mouth so she didn’t bite her tongue. I’m so glad he’s calm and focused in these situations.

Me however, not so calm. I’m crying (which is odd because I hate cats) and trying to get the kids upstairs so they don’t watch.

Dora is fine now, we called the Emergency Vets and they told us what to watch for, but we’re bringing her after the long weekend just in case. Neurological tests on my kitten was certainly not on my budget for this weekend.

So, the kids, surprisingly, said lets do free stuff this weekend. Rather than spend money. God bless them. So we did and actually had fun.

Today we played the neglected Wii for a few hours, played DDR on the Playstation, and then watched movies all afternoon.

Nick and I both slept during the afternoon movie, but when I woke up I saw this, and quickly grabbed my phone.

feb 20

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