Day 35

Friday, February 04, 2011

....or as I like to call it the day I spent from 3pm until 12midnight in a car. Fun times.

Right after work I drove to Bradford to drop my kiddlets off at my parents. Then rushed to get Nick in Oro, then we were on our way up north.

In the dark.

With me driving.

First off, I'm not sure why I say yes to driving anywhere. I hate driving. I'm a terrible driver, and 6 hours in a car with Nick, we're lucky we're still together.

He is the WORST backseat driver. Ever. Worse than Tanya. Which is saying something.

I hate driving in the dark, nevermind when the roads are wet. So, I figured, it was good to stay behind this transport truck, because, well I could see him and follow. I don't know hwy 69 very well (or at all) so this was a good idea to me. Nick didn't like this, and yelled at me to pass the guy. Several times. I did not. However about 10 minutes from Sudbury what happens?? I run out of wiper fluid. Nick starts laughing. Telling me it's my f'ing fault, cause I insisted on following the transport.

I've learned two lessons.

Don't drive with your hubby.

And don't tailgate Transports when you are unsure how much wiper fluid you have.

After Nick finished his 'I told you so' rant, he took this pic:

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