I need an intervention...

Saturday, May 30, 2015

I I have a small problem with necklaces. Statement necklaces are my nemesis. I have too many, and have shopping carts online full of them. Thankfully the GYPO style challenges have slowed me down a bit, as I now only buy jewellery that are on the lists. It's actually keeping me accountable but also showing me how to properly accessories.

Here are a few of my old faves, and that bottom pic on the right is the mess that is my jewellery. I need some Pinterest ideas on how to better organize the 100+ necklaces, plus bracelets and earrings I have.

Here is my wish list of Jewellery I'm HOPING to get (or at least a few of them) when on my Boston trip in two weeks!

Anthropologie necklace (Here) This one is at the top of my list. LOVE it. 


Anthropologie Bracelet (Here)

JCrew Necklace (Here) - anyone who knows me knows I love a good JCrew anything!

Kate Spade Cuff (Here) - I prefer the cuff to the bracelet below but either one will do:)

Kate Spade Bracelet (Here)

So does anyone else have a ton of jewellery like me? Any good tips on organizing it? If so leave comment here!

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