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Friday, January 29, 2016

Happy Friday !

Today I'm linking up with Alison for Puppies and Pretties Michelle from Blogs Like a Girl and Cat from Kitty Kitty La La for their Reading Lately linkup!

I was so excited when Alison posted about this a few weeks ago. I had big ideas of all the books I would read. I've tried book clubs in the past but with no time to read, and too much kid stuff in the evenings it never happend. So I thought this would be MUCH easier. My goal is for 2 books a month, but January was a busy month, so I managed one book. #fail.

Guys it took me all month ( and if I'm being honest I started this stupid book back in Mexico in November ) but I finished it.

Now what book took me this long to read? Must be pretty heavy reading right?


Nora Roberts - Stars of Fortune.

Now I'm not going to be pretend I don't love her books, because I usually do. Reading her many trilogies got me back into reading again back in 2003. But they tend to be the same thing over and over again, and this one didn't really do it for me. There were a few surprises in there (of the supernatural kind, so if you don't find that cheesy, this book might be for you). But I found myself a bit disappointed. It was much easier to read in Mexico laying by the beach than at home. Could have been the mojitos - who's to say?

Next on my list to read is the growing book pile on my bedside table:

Yes, the book at the bottom is called Big Girl Panties. I think I bought this one at an airport lounge. I'm waiting for another beach for that one, because booze and sun help with the cheesy dialogue.

The kobo sitting on top is fully loaded with books I've never read and I love having it, but there is something about having an actual book that I love, so I've gone back to purchasing/asking for paper books. I'm old school I guess.

I think The Girl on the Train is my next book. Mainly because I think everyone else has read it, I might as well catch up. And then all the light we cannot see because my entire family is on me to read it.

I'm excited to see what others read! And if you have any book recommendations let me know!

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  1. I hate it when it takes me forever to read a book and then I end up not even liking the book that much. I'm fine with savoring a good book, but after a mediocre book it feels like I cheated myself our of my time!

    I haven't read The Girl on the Train either but I feel like I need to just to see why everyone is talking about it!

    1. I know - I hate feeling cheated! Just started Girl on the train- so far so good!

  2. I also hate it when it takes forever to finish a book, but yay for doing it! I have the exact stack of books, well with different books, on my bedstand and a fully loaded kobo too. I should start reading the books you read, seeing as we have so much in common already. Have a great weekend!
    Shoes to Shiraz

  3. The reason I never start a book because I know I will drop everything to finish it. I hate when it takes forever to read a book. We have some of the same books on our nightstands

    1. Same here, if it's a good book, I read while applying make-up and cooking. It's disastrous.

  4. Girl on the Train is on my TBR pile as well as All the Light We Cannot See (I think I spy that too!) Don't worry about only reading one book - one is still more than a lot of people!

    1. True! It's better than no books I guess - and you spied correctly, All the Light is on there too:)

  5. Ha, beach and booze will make any book with cheesy writing better. That is the epitome of a beach read right? :)

  6. Your bedside collection looks a whole lot like my Nook to-read library shelf. I have been downloading samples of all the great books I hear about and that way I have them on my to-read shelf when I am ready to start a new one. My mom loves Nora Roberts...I think partially because her name is Nira Roberts!


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