2016 Hair Challenge!

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Today I'm linking up with Sarah at Foxy's Domestic Side, for her 2016 hair challenge. (Sarah if I wasn't supposed to steal your graphic, feel free to yell! LOL)

I only decided I would link up yesterday so alas, I only have 2 hair styles and no videos. Next week will be better!

I'm not sure about you, but my hair tends to either be down and straight, down and curly or up in a messy bun. I have no other hair styles unless I have lots of time in the morning, which is never. I'm hoping this challenge will cure me of that.

Monday and Tuesday of this week my hair was down and curly. Considering this is the first week back to work after the break we're lucky it's clean and brushed. Never mind curled. 

I curl my hair in 6 or 7 sections. 4 under neath and then 2 or 3 top sections. I use a wand and curl away from my face. My hair below took roughly 6 min to do. ( this pic was taken Tuesday morning, hair washed on Sunday night. ) 

I had great plans for today's hair. And then I slept in. AND THEN MY DRY SHAMPOO RAN OUT.   It was an epic hair fail kind of morning. I still haven't washed my hair since Sunday ( tonight is wash night ) and so badly wanted to grow it up in a mess on the top of my head. Instead I braided it into a pony. Why yes that's a bright blue pony because ...kids. 

I promise next week will be better.  and the photos will be better. Lol

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  1. yay! Thank you for linking up! Love the braid with the pony tail! I'm been searching through youtube for cute hair styles...but yes on the time thing in the morning, and I dig the blue hair band :) What size curling wand are you using? And yay for videos! I might have to do one too. Let's conquer our hair together!

  2. LOVE these!!!!
    my hair sucks... it's so flat and boring... I need to up my game

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