Hair challenge week 3!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I had figured I'd have some little videos on how I do my hair by now, since it's January and it's my slow season. Nope! Apparently January is my lazy season. But I'm still linking up with Sarah at Foxy's Domestic Side today to show the hair styles I did mange this week!

Thursday I was home as I was up the night before with a sick child so no hair style other than Rats Nest. No pics of that beauty.

Because I had slept so long Thursday I woke up at 6 am ready to go. After seeing Sarah's pull through braid on her post last week I figured I would YouTube that situation and found the faux hawk pull through braid and attempted it. Having only purple pony tails this proved interesting. Not gonna lie I totally cloned out the purple out of these pics using Photoshop on my phone lol. Yay for mobile Adobe products. 

It's not the greatest photo, but it was my first go at it - at 6am in my bathroom with no help and a youtube video on my phone, so sad is the life I lead. 

Saturday I was shooting outdoors and that meant messy bun. 

Sunday was spent at retro planet chasing chore.  That meant messy bun. But I did do Abby & Nev's hair like my pull through braid attempt just as practice. I was in a rush so my phone pics aren't the greatest, but I did Abby's like mine, but full braid not tucked in like mine. And Nevaeh's I did more like a halo (she hated it - said she looked funny). But it was pretty adorable.

Monday I French braided my hair and didn't get a pic. But it was cute.

Tuesday I did a pull through braid halo type thing with curls.  I'd call this a Pinterest fail.

And today - Oh I'm so excited for my hair today. I've been addicted to this facebook page lately (Vlechten met Daan) and will sitting in the bathtub last night creeping their videos, I found this tutorial and thought this is perfect for something quick for work.

Here is her Video:

And here is my result:

Goals for next week : Master the Dutch Braid!! Also, we're heading to a wedding this weekend, and I have all 4 kids hair to do, plus my own (yikes!) so next weeks post should be interesting.

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  1. All this fun with hair, makes me want my hair longer. I had a moment last week and almost chopped it off...but seeing you and Sarah's pictures make me want to have long locks....all your looks are so pretty!

  2. Yay for Cute Girls Hairstyles, I love everything they do, can't wait till Mini Fox gets longer hair so I can try it, at least you have somewhat willing participants. Thanks for linking up again. I liked that faux hawk, going to try that this week! Will show it next week :) Seems like a good Friday do to do. OH and your faux waterfall is awesome, going to try that as well! Thanks for the great ideas...I"m starting to run out and it's only the 3rd week! haha!

  3. OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE the last one!!! you nailed it. Mine would not look like that lol

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