Hair challenge week 2

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

It's Wednesday and that means I'm linking up with Sarah for her 2016 hair challenge!

Man. Oh man. It's amazing the excuses that I can come up with for being lazy. I had planned on doing my hair every day this past week differently. But nope sleep won and I'm sorry in advance for my lack of creativity.

Thursday : fail. Messy bun

Friday's hair :
I had washed the night before and wasn't sure what to do. And then I remembered my hair crush. ( what doesn't everyone have a hair crush?!) and so I looked up her big hair tutorial I used to do a few years ago and did that. Let me tell you every time I left my office at work I got compliments.  So try it. 
Check out my hair crush here:

And this is the result of my watching this video :

I didn't use wand this time just big barrel conair curling iron 
And after teasing and teasing and lots of hairspray:

Halfway through work I felt I lost a bit of bigness. I may or may not have resorted to my dinglehopper. 

Saturday :
Still had yesterdays big hair, just now flatter from sleeping on it, so I added a twist. I didn't brush or anything. Just twisted front pieces. 

Sunday :
I tried my hair crushes messy bun tutorial


 I didn't leave my house all day. Which is why I cropped the photo as I look like crap!! Lol 
To me this just looks way too messy. I can pull this off like promise can. :(

Monday - Tuesday 
I wore sock buns. Because snow. And sleep. And I suck. 

Here is hoping I can get my act together next week !

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  1. baahahhaa, love the dingelhopper. I love the messy bun look!

  2. LOL, Dinglehopper! I just watched that this weekend with Mini. I almost spit out my water when I read/saw that picture! Need to check out your hair crush, maybe she'll become my hair crush too! I think you have perfected the messy bun, me not so much...Mine looks like a drowning joke.


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