Hair challenge week 4

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

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Wow. 4th week. I'm surprised I've kept at it this long.

So confession time. Last week I said my goal was to concur the Dutch braid. I practiced on Abbys hair after watching several tutorials and got it down pat. 

And then next day I went to try on myself and realized I've been doing these for years. I just thought of it as an inside out French braid. Bloody hell. I'm a loser. I did learn that it's much easier to do on others. And pancaking the braid makes it fatter. 
Here's my try. It's terrible on me 

And tried again 

No dice. 

Ah well 

On Saturday it was my cousins wedding so I got to do a ton of kids hair before leaving myself 4 minutes to get me ready. 

Mimis hair :

Abbys pull thru up do 

Nev wouldn't let me curl her hair. She always wants to be different. 

And I had a big plan for 50s pin up curls but nope. 
I got waves. And this is the only pic close up. Sadly.

Monday I tried a volume pony ( saw a video for it somewhere ) which basically involved me teasing the crap out of my hair. I'm super embarrassed to post this pic as its really terrible quaility. For a photographer I suck at hair pics. But you get the idea. The pony looks messy hut it really wasn't that bad. I liked the volume. 

How did you do your hair this week? My goal for next week - Fishtail Braid  (lord help me).

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  1. you're ROCKING this hairstyle business!!!! I adore all the do's! Come do my hair! lol

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

  2. That first braid, awesome! I love the pancaking affect, have never done it before this. I'll commit to doing a fish tail with you :) Good work keeping it up! And your hair for the wedding looked great, as did all of the kids :) So fun to be able to someone else's hair!


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