May - month in numbers

Monday, June 06, 2016

Linking up with Deena again for her month in numbers review.

36. Age I turned on the 6th. 

16. Number of Mother's Day I've had! Crazy. (Read about it here

29- selfies taken.  Yes seriously.  It's bad but I'm using the "trying to document weightloss " as my excuse. I'm not posting them all because that's crazyness.

1 - family day trip. To pioneer village. Read about that here. 

0 - date nights. Which makes me sad. I told nick we need to make time in June and stick to it. 

2- times my car died. First battery. Second engine. May sucked. 

24(ish) pounds lost in May. I say ish cause I'm only weighed on Tuesday's so it's hard to be accurate.  But good enough. 

9- coffee and or food posts on Instagram.  Because I only eat 2 cups of veggies a day I'm trying to be fancy. 

4 - number of baseball games nick had. I love that he's playing baseball and the kids get to watch.

5 - 1st place wins ( only 3 pictured here ) for Abby at track. That kid swims, plays baseball and soccer. She's crazy athletic. 

2 - weddings Miller Ellis had in May. Here a really bad selfie of tanya and I at the old mill. 

3 - books given to me as gifts. 

0- books read. 

15 days of 21 day fix done. Until ...

1 sciatic nerve pinched .  So instead 

7 days of piYo done instead. 

Blog stats this month is :4502 page views - way up from last month (3353). 

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  1. I'm trying to be fancy....bhahahahaha, love this. And also I absolutely adore you and all your selfies.

  2. I love all the selfies, you can never have too many in my opinion! That first one with the dark lipstick...amazing! That's the one that Deena got you? So pretty! :)

  3. Gorgeous food pics! And congrats on the weight loss, but boo on the date nights. :( Hope you guys get a night out soon!

  4. BAH sciatic is the WORST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    congrats on all the workouts lady and you make veggies look surprisingly delish


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