What`s in my bag?

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

For those of you who just blog hopped from Alison - Welcome!

If not, I'll fill you in on what's happening today: The Blended Blog has started a new 'What's in my..." Series, and I joined in for the first round, what's in my handbag! I was hoping to get the Make-up bag one, because sadly - this is just boring, and rather sad. I'm a Mom and should have a cool Mom bag with like bandaids and stuff. Nope.

Here's what I have:

Yes, I carry tea in my purse. you know for emergencies. Also, please note that gum is empty, and has been since last Thursday and I'm too lazy to throw it out.

Some fun things:

  • Hand Cream - l'occitane shea butter
  • A million lipsticks, well not really, but I carry nude shades in my purse and a lipgloss. My new Kat Von D  (In lolita) is there, and NUDE STIX (thanks ipsy)
  • EOS, because dry offices
  • Random change, because I'm lazy
  • A wristlet I sub as my wallet, as I'm too lazy to carry a full one.
  • My iPhone 5c, which will be gone this week, as I get my new phone. (yay!!)
This looks like a teenagers purse, not a 36 year old woman's purse. It ashames me slightly. Ah well. Hopefully Whitney's bag has fun stuff in it!! Go check it out HERE. And make sure to link up and show us What's in your bag as well!


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  1. I have an empty gum holder in my bag sometimes, too - along, with a new pack. Why do we let things collect in our bags?!?

    Daily Style Finds

    1. I'm not sure. I would say I'm the laziest person out there, but I'm sure you're not. LOL Also, I'm afraid to litter.

  2. That Occitane lotion is my go-to lotion too. Nothing beats it.

  3. I love that lotion too! It smells so yummy. And I have had the empty gum wrapper too :) So lazy until it gets to a point where I just can't handle it any more. So what I'm getting from this is I am a hoarder of things in my purse...

    1. When I have a bigger purse, it's game on for hoarding.

  4. I love your floral wristlet - so cute!

  5. The empty gum container is my favorite part :) And I have the exact same phone...pink and everything. I totally forgot to put it in my post. Haha. And I'm getting a new phone soon too!

    1. I'm getting the iPhone SE - in rose gold and I'm totes excited for it.

  6. Seriously, everyone carrying like nothing in their bag makes me feel like I carry the kitchen sink with me! I always have some sort of garbage in mine, either old receipts or random candy wrappers.

  7. Guess I need to clean up my act. I have sooo much stuff stuffed into my bag! I think I will join the link up then clean everything out!


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