not the ultimate loser, but a winner none-the-less

Friday, February 26, 2010

As most of you know, I didn't win. Actually didn't come close. Angela lost a whopping 36lbs!!! She won, and I'm so, so, so happy for her.

I'm thrilled for all the ladies actually. We all tried our hardest (except for me the second last week) and we all lost a ton of inches. Which is fab.

I only lost 20lbs, but I did lose 22inches, which I still can't believe. It's made me really think about actual pounds more and more. Like I've said before, I really wanted to be down 75lbs for my Birthday. I'm now thinking in terms of inches, and clothing size. I'd like to be down at least another 22 inches by my birthday. That's another 2 feet off my body.

I can tell I'm gaining muscle. The amount I can press in my legs is disgusting, I can compete with boys. My upper body is getting stronger. I had no upper body strength what-so-ever when I started this contest. I can now do chin ups on that machine I hate so much, and pull ups on that bar that rips my hand to shreds.

Now here is the scary part. We're on our own. No more training appointments. I don't 'have' to be at the gym. There is no accountability. I have to go for myself. Which I know I have to do. Just will I do it? Several times over the 8 weeks, after a day of sick kids, or driving in CRAPPY weather, or a shitty day at work, I thought to myself "just go home and have a glass of wine and go to bed - screw the gym". But I didn't. I went. And for the most part felt better for doing so.

But will I continue to do that? Once the novelty has worn off? God I hope so.

I'm trying to start Weight Watchers at work so I can weigh-in somewhere weekly. I have to continue doing this. Weighing in a home is totally different. I can fib the numbers. (and I would).

But until Weigh Watchers starts, a group of us my office have started a club where we'll meet on Friday mornings and weigh-in. I'm excited about this. Motivation within the office:)

I wanted to thank all of my friends and family who cheered me on, and for all their kind words today on my facebook status. It's what keeps me motivated. I'm so lucky.

Big shout out to Becca for being a huge supporter.

To Jessie, Sue, Shelby and Susan at work. Thank you for decorating my desk today and for my 'treats'. Love you guys.

Thank you to Nyrton. I love to hate you. I will haunt you in death.

To my daughters who motivate me, so I can keep up with them and for saying 'stick with it, you'll be pretty soon!'

To Nick for picking up the slack. And smacking my ass even though it's sore (jerk)

To Tanya for watching my kids at night with little to know notice "I have to get to the gym and Nicks not home yet:S!!!"

And to my Mommy and Daddy. Just because.

Love ya'll.

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  1. Nicole I am sooooooooooooooooooooo proud of you!!! You did it!!! Sounds like you have an awesome support system in place!!! However, if you ever need an extra push or even a little TLC just let me know. I will be following your ongoing progress on here. I will also be updating my progress on here. One of the things I thought about is that maybe you could continue your lunchtime sessions at the gym and that would not interfere so much with the kids. I think that that is a perfect situation if you could. Anyhow just know that I am ALWAYS there for you if you ever need it.

  2. YAE!!! It finally came up: your site that is! F.Y. & I. it took 10 minutes for it to load. Weird,huh? But I was determined and stuck it out! I have to leave you an encouraging comment!

    YOU ARE AWESOME!! Stay plugged into some others that need accountability as much as you do. Won't it be incredible this swimsuit season to be able to buy a new cute suit and to throw out the old baggy one?!

    And you are already one hot mama so I'm not sure how much more heat your sweetheart can handle! ; )

    Keep up the good work, gal! You're keeping me motivated, also.

  3. Aww thanks Rebekah!!

    I had to delete my counter. It was slowing my site down. But thanks for sticking with it!!!


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