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Sunday, February 21, 2010

I've avoided blogging all week. Partly because it was a busy week, partly because I felt like crap, and partly because, well, I didn't want to admit that it was a shitty week and I felt like not doing the stupid contest anymore.

So I didn't write. Or take pictures. I kinda had a mini week of depression. I sulked, I didn't go to the gym when I wanted to. I snacked on crap food that I thought would make me feel better.

Turned out I was wrong.

I gained one pound this week at weigh-in. When all of the other lovely ladies lost...and lost big.

I'm not beating myself up about it. It's not like I gained all the weight back. It literally took me one day to get back on track. Once you get back into the grove of going to the gym twice a day, it's fine. Miss one day, and boom.....you have to motivate yourself all over again to go.

This is the last week of the contest. I'm gonna kick some butt this week. I've gone to the gym twice a day since Friday (that's only two days but whatever) and I'm sore all hell. But it's going to be a good week:)


Yesterday we wanted to do something fun with the kids, and I heard on the radio that Innisfil was having their winter fest. I figured, great, this is it!!


It's funny, as we're driving 5 kids down the 8th line of Innisfil, I thought to myself, I kinda like Alcona. It's small, but has everything you need, and I'd love to live here. I have friends here it could be fun.

Then I got to the "big" winterfest and I thought these things all at once:

*Barrie kicks ass, hell no to Alcona
* I don't think I'm redneck enough to live here
*My kids fit in though with their FXR jackets.....omg, does everyone snowmobile??!
*I don't think I even know what half of these activities are.
*OMG they are selling "midway" tickets from some dudes car?? Omg he doesn't have teeth.
*well the heck is this midway? oh wait, the 2 rides here. Great
*I'm a snob

Yes, I actually thought I was a snob. I am I guess. Small towns are fine to me. I grew up in Bradford, so I probably have no right to insult the fine people of Alcona. And like I said I love a lot of people there (Julie, Cindy, Melissa if you read this) But that Winterfest was sad. Perhaps the summer thing they do is better.

And perhaps I'm just a bit bitter cause my pics turned out like crap.

Nevaeh not impressed ....Probably thinking "eww my dad's from here"

Mimi could care less. She sees a jumpy castle.

Way too sunny for good pics. No shade :(


The one ride I let them on. It made scary noises, and I was scared for their life. And yes, we bought tickets from some dude in his car. It felt like a drug deal.

Note the FXR jackets.


This would have been a nice shot if I wasn't stupid and didn't leave my Aperature wide open, so poor Recca's face is out of focus.

Happy we're leaving.

I'll try and do better today photowise, but we'll see. I have to get to the gym. Twice.


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