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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Should I revise my goal?

So, I’m 4 weeks into my ‘new way of life’. Or torture as some would call it. At the beginning of this thing, my goal was to lose as much as possible in the 8 weeks of the contest, but a total of 75lbs by my Birthday (May 6th).

I’m slowly starting to realize this might not happen. I’m gaining a ton of muscle, so the pounds aren’t dropping off as quickly as I’d hoped. I’m not angry about this, don’t get me wrong, I’m losing inches, so I’m totally fine with that. Yes, I’m still mildly obsessed about the scale, but maybe not as much.

So, while talking with Becca earlier today, I said I’d be happy if I lose another 15 this month to bring a total of the contest of 30lbs. This would please me.

Becca’s suggestion is to aim for 2lbs per week, so 8lbs this month. Because it’s healthy and obtainable. So that would being me to 30lbs by my Birthday, a total of 45 instead of the 75 I was hoping for.

So her and I have a side bet going now. We’re both aiming to lose 30lbs by my Birthday. Then we’ll both get dressed up at the end and go out for a fancy dinner. But let’s be honest, I’m really hoping I’ll be down 45 more lbs by my Birthday. But shhh. Don’t tell Becca.

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  1. your secret's safe with me! ;)
    good luck!


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