week 6

Friday, February 12, 2010

Today was weigh-in for the 6th week of competition. I cannot believe how quickly it’s gone. Only two more weeks left. That’s crazy!

I’m down a total of 19lbs. Man, was a piss off, I wish I had lost 3 this week so it would have been an even 20lbs. So in keeping with my ‘revised’ goal of 60lbs by May 6th, I only have 2/3rds left to go. 41lbs in 12 weeks. Works out to 3.4lbs per week. This scares me. I think I need to step up the cardio or something. I dunno. I may lose pounds faster after the competition is done, when I’m not weight training so hard.

I know I should be looking at inches too, but we haven’t been measured since Dec 30th, So I honestly have no idea what my measurements are now, how much I’ve lost, and what a good goal for that would be. I’m sure we’ll learn more in the next two weeks.

This week was probably the hardest week so far. (do I say that every week!?) I was so not motivated to go do cardio twice a week. I was upset earlier this week and wanted to binge (didn’t) but wanted too badly.

So, this weekend, I will indulge myself a little. Throw my body out of whack, and get back to business for next weeks weigh-in. I’m starting to get really nervous for what happens when I no longer have a trainer. Should be interesting. I’m so used to having him there to spot me while lifting retarded amounts of weight…I have no idea how I will do it. I need a gym buddy. Who can lift more than I can.
Any takers?

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