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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I just finished writing my post, when Abby casually mentions to me, that she needs to call her daddy's house because M (daddy's new wife) is supposed to be coming to her school to talk about her job for parents day. I said oh okay, her's the phone. When really I wanted to say "what the hell are you talking about parents day? Why aren't I talking at your parents day? I'm your Mother. You know the one that gave you life. The one who went through 9 months of carrying you in my womb. The one you should WANT talking at parents day"

But I didn't say that. It's not Abby's fault. I'm not sure who's fault it is. Frankly I don't care. It still hurts. It's frustrating. And it makes me want comfort food. Something with lots of carbs. Rice, Mashed potatoes, soup, chocolate, ice cream.

But I'm not eating those things. I'm going to eat my chicken and veggies, and drown my sorrows with a Perrier. And then, I will get myself ready for Lost.

And here was my original post


Tonight is lost night. I’m chomping at the bit to get ready for it!! Even though once I leave work I’ll be going to home to feed kids, get Mady ready for Guides, go to the gym and THEN it will be lost time.

I’ll be making petits fours while watching lost. I am woman – I can multi-task.

So my questions going into “what Kate does”

  • Will Claire give birth to Aaron this episode or wait? We all know that Kate will be there when she does (as she did on island) but how long will it take to get there. Will Claire leave Aaron with Kate a la Island time too?
  • Will we see Claire in the non alt-universe? Will she show up on the island. The previews have her pointing a gun at someone. But who? Is she still creepy Claire from Jacobs cabin with Christian?
  • Speaking of Christian – I need more back story on this man.

The biggest thing for me right now is who the hell is the eyeliner wearing, non-aging man Richard, really? He’s obviously as old as Jacob and Smoke monster/bad locke dude. So who’s evil? Some say Richard. I think no. I think it’s Smokey. But then who the hell is Richard? Everyone seems to think Jacob (possibly now Sayid) represents good (GOD), and that Bad Locke, Smoke represents evil (DEVIL), but what if, Richard is good, smokey is evil, and Jacob is GOD?

I think Richard is a huge part of the show, which is odd, because he came in as a guest for season 3. So if the lost writers did infact know the ending way back in season 1, then my theory is shot to hell.

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