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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I’m obsessed.

It’s the only way to describe it. I was literally counting down to last night’s episode of Lost. The beginning of the end of the best show ever. This show consumes me, and will be big topic of conversation on my blog until the Series Finale this spring/summer. Then I’m sure I’ll obsess over it some more, because knowing the writers/creators, it’s going to go out with a bang.

I cannot express the pure joy I felt last night sitting on my couch, wrapped up in my blanket, with my gross, gluten free tortilla chips, and organic salsa (ya, I live it up), when at 8pm I watched the Lost: Recap. It made me want to watch from season one all over again.

Some of the reasons (not all) of why I love this show:

- This show excites me. Makes me think.
- The writing is clever
- I love the easter eggs, the hidden clues, the way the writers fuck with us.
- Those bloody numbers that mean nothing (or do they?!)
- Sawyer
- Boone
- I love the flashbacks, the flash forwards, and even possibly the new flash-sideways?!? Alt universe maybe?
- It’s like watching mini-movie each week
- It makes me think
- The smoke monster/fake locke (he was AMAZING last night)
- Richards eyeliner. Kills me!

Typically when one watches tv, you turn your brain off, enjoy mindless whatevers, and then forget the show for the week until it comes on again next week. With lost it keeps you guessing throughout the whole show, makes you wait for next week, and makes us all try and guess what’s happening next or what the whole freaking point to the show is.

I’m hoping this last season answers most of the questions looming. I know they won’t answer them all, but here are few answers I’d like to be able to sleep at night.

- Why doesn’t Richard age?
- Jacob vs Dude in black/fake Locke – who are they really?
- What the freaking hell is the island? An experiment on good vs evil?? Something else entirely? A bad dream
- What happened to Claire?
- Is Jacks dad dead/ what’s his tie to the island?
- Ben – wtf?!?
- What are the whispers
- Does Hurley see dead people like Miles?

And after last night…

- are they alt universes or showing what ifs?
- Is Jacob in Sayid?
- What’s up with Richard/fake locke

There are so many more but my mind is on overload right now.

In case you can’t tell I LOVE lost

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