Dinner with Jen & Tim

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Last night Nick and I went to visit our friends Jen and Tim, and their daughter Rachel. She's about 3.5 months younger than Nevaeh. So the girls could play and we could have grown up talk:)


Its always fun for me to watch Nevaeh with other kids her own age. Poor kid gets bullied by her older siblings all the time, so I never know how she'll be with other 'babies'.

Last year around this time when we visited, Rachel was only 2 weeks old..

(and apparently I didn't have my killer flash back then...)

and now....


I couldn't get the girls to pose with out their bottles :S

All in all they played pretty well together. Was tough to get good pics, because they were constantly moving, and I wasn't really up to following. I'm lazy, what can I say.


Rachel was pretty good at look at me when I went to take a pic, but Nevaeh knows better and avoids the camera at all costs...

Besides, Nevaeh was more interested in stealing another kids bottle...


We had a yummy lasagna (thanks guys!) for dinner. Rachel ate like a lady, barley got anything on her, and well, my daughter....

....is a beast.

After dinner, the kids played, and Nevaeh showed Rachel how cool daddy's iPhone is, it plays Backyardigans. She was instantly in love with the phone.


Nevaeh had to settle for my Blackberry. Which does nothing fun (for her)...

After hours of playing, the girls got a wee bit tired....


So we packed up and went home. Nevaeh was sooo tired, she was giddy. She was hyper, and talkative, almost delirious with tiredness. It was funny. She looked drunk almost.

Anywho - that was our night. We had fun. We rarely get nights out, so it was fun:)

Today involves spring cleaning and editing photos from my Easter Shoots yesterday....So I may blog tomorrow. Or not.

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