i heart faces: Dramatic B & W

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sometimes, when you take a picture, you just know that 'this one is going to be in Black & White'. That's exactly what I thought in my head as I composed this shot. I think the couple thought I was insane but I had a vision, and it worked out....


Black & White photos are my fave. If you're like me, go check them out all the other entries, at i heart faces

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  1. This is a beautiful photo and such a sweet moment!

  2. this one is awesome! love it :)

  3. Beautiful shot! I think this is exactly what they wanted to see this week! Awesome job!

  4. love that light and those reflections!

  5. GORGEOUS shot. I wish I had something like that of me when I was pregnant

  6. I love the reflection. the wooden floor almost has a waterry, fluid feel to it.

  7. what an awesome shot! I know exactly what you mean about knowing what you want to do to a photo the second you snap it!


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