Not Penny's Boat

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Okay, did anyone else totally freak out at this scene last night. My husband thought I was insane. When Charlie turned the car into the water, I immediately thought OMG he's so gonna do the hand thing. And he did. And it gave me chills. Then I couldn't catch my breath.

Then the MRI thing. I was clapping my hands!!! And I thought I had started to piece it all together until Desmond talked to Eloise. Why is it she always knows what's going on?

Turns out LOST is looking to be a big love story, destiny and all that. Or maybe that's what it was about all along, well, that and smoke monsters. I have a confession. I think I actually squealed when Desmond found Penny.....I was hyperventilating. They soo need to be together. As do all the other couples, in the flashsidewaysnotreallyhappeninguniverse thing. (though in a side note I'm not sure about Sawyer/Juliet & Jack/Kate. I really dig Kate with Sawyer)

I think last night was truly one of the best hours of television, I have had the privilege of watching. I can't stop thinking about it. (yes, this makes me a huge geek.....though I prefer Lostie)

What are Whitmore's plans for Desmond? Why the hell did Desmond go (smiling at that) with crazy-eyed Sayid? I guess Desmond is the only one who can go back and forth between the two realities. He better fix that shit in the alt-verse. And let me tell you Charlie BETTER not die. He better play baby daddy to Aaron.

Ps. where the heck is walt?

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