Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another crazy day in the Miller/Wesley/Hunter household. I laid in bed for a good half hour this morning trying to convince Nick he should let me sleep in and go make me french toast with the girls. Now that I type this is was already awake so that doesn't make much sense. But, for those of you who have children, I'm sure your aware that sleeping in (or just laying in bed as the case might be) is a precious commodity that is often argued over by spouses. Nick and I are no different. After about 20 minutes of 'No you get up, no you get up, no you get up', the kids came in and we both got up. I did dishes, he cooked breakfast. Sounded fair to me.

I then had to rush out to a family shoot this morning, and then pick up groceries. And oops, forgot Mady at her friends house, where she had slept over.

So of course I grabbed Mady and groceries cost 40 times more than they should have. Don't you hate that? I love doing it on my own.

Anyways this afternoon was a lazy one. I edited a few photos from Today, then cuddled on the couch with Nick to watch TV while the girls where quietly playing. We both fell asleep. I love afternoon naps.

But now I'm dragging my ass and really need to get motivated to cook dinner.

So after this really boring post, here's a pic of Mady and her friend Recca...


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