Where did the weekend go?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I don't feel like I've even had a weekend. So busy!

I'll blog about Friday night later this week, with crappy cell phone pics, as that's all I had :( But it was fun (and scary!)

Saturday and Sunday I basically spent photographing other peoples children (or their bellies!!) so, I didn't get many of my own. And so it begins, our busy season. We're booked every weekend from now, till......well, I'm not even sure when.

Blessed? yes. Busy? very. Dishes? oh ya - they're filling the sink.

As I type this, I have not had anything to eat except a very yummy butter tart this morning. My dinner is cooking in the oven. I have however, consumed two very large glasses of wine. So, I have a nice warm feeling. I wonder how many spelling mistakes I've made?! I make plenty on a sober day, never mind how I'm feeling now.

Leaving you with the only picture I took of Nevaeh this weekend. It's overblown. But I don't care. She's cute.


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