Bah, what a day.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's 11:39am as I type this. So far this morning, I've gotten 4 kids up and out the door to get Nick to the eye doctors and Abby to the dentist. We get in the car and Nick says "where is your wallet?"....(I left my purse in the car last night)..I said in my purse, he said well it's not. So, I've lost my wallet. Unless I left it at work? I keep thinking I might have done that as well.

Thank god I had my debit card on me, not in my wallet.

So now I have to wait till Monday to see if it's at work or if I need to re-order everyone's birth certificates.

Nick has to work today after his appointment, so I'm scrambling to find a sitter for my shoot at 3pm this afternoon (anyone want to watch 4 kids?), Nicks in a bad mood, kids are crusty and I would like to go back to bed.

On the bright side, Abby was a good girl at her dentist appt. She had 3 fillings, and was a brave girl through the whole thing.



You can't even tell she had a dentist poking around in her mouth for an hour and a half this morning. Such a good kid. Love her.

Now off to clean my house. Anyone want to trade lives for just one day?!?!?

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