Quality Time

Monday, April 19, 2010

We try and make our very limited free time with the kids count. Between my two jobs, Nicks very busy job, and the kids extra curricular's we're a pretty busy family. Typically we try and the big "Sunday Dinner" where we all eat together. Roast beef usually, because it's the one thing I can cook.

Last night however, Nick was sick of me burning everything, so he cooked steak. Very yummy steak.

Tonight I managed to totally screw up pot roast. Only me. Someone want to give me cooking lessons? Shouldn't a mother of 4 know how to cook?

But hey, I can order thai food with my eyes closed. Can you do that?

Anyways, after our Sunday Dinners, we usually watch a movie together (where Nick watches the movie with the kids, and I clean the kitchen. I can't sit down. I'm constantly doing something).

And the something I was doing Sunday night was taking pictures. Here's a cute one, in the rest of the pics Nick was giving me the finger.


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