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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Yesterday was a pretty busy crazy day. Tanya and I had a photo shoot in the morning, so I had to had to get all the kids up and fed before I left. You know, because men are useless (she says with a smirk knowing Nick will read this eventually).

After the photo shoot I had a lot of small errands I had to do, so took Mimi with me, so Mady and Abby could go to the park. Totally forgetting that I had to meet up with the Easter Bunny for last minute Easter presents, so that obviously couldn't be done with Mimi in Tow.

We then packed our bags to head to Nana & Papa's for the night.

On the way down to Bradford, we stopped at some random park on the 10th line in Innisfil, and played for a bit. It was so nice out, we needed to let the kids run (and hopefully they'd get tired).

I had visions of all the amazing group pictures I could get. I'm not sure which world I live in, but I'm pretty sure the sky is purple there. Why would I think I could get a picture of all 4 looking and smiling at the same time?

This is what I got...


So I gave up on my dream of a decent picture of the 4 of them. I let them go play with their bubbles...



Nick helped Nevaeh go down the slide.



As you can see from her face, she loved it.

Abby made a friend while on the swings. That kid can make friends anywhere.
Tried to get a pic of Nick with the girls, and wished I had a Tripod with me so I could get a group shot....


And then it was my turn...


Yes. We were all having bad hair days.

After the park we went to Nana's had dinner, and got ready for the Easter Bunny. Nevaeh was up late teething, that was fun. It's amazing how quickly you can block the un-fun parts of parenting out of your brain. Like Childbirth, and the terrible twos. And teething. God she screamed.

Anyways, this morning the kids woke up to mega chocolate from the Easter Bunny. I didn't take pictures, I just let them have fun, and followed them around.

But I did take an early morning (and I mean EARLY) pic of Abby blowing bubbles on the porch. I love light behind her hair.


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