February in numbers.

Monday, March 07, 2016

These have become my favourite posts. I always loved reading Deenas. So glad she hosts the link up HERE!

2 - number of weddings I photographed. Normally wedding season doesn't kick off till the spring but this year it started early ! You can see these weddings here and here

783939 - tears I cried.  It was a rough month. I'm nowhere near as articulate as Shaunacey who wrote about Nicoles passing here and here so please read those posts if you haven't already. Or watch this video. 

2 - glasses of wine I had on international wine day. 

275- dollars spent at American girl on Valentine's Day. This place is all sorts of cray. Mimi got her dolls flippen ears pierced - what??!?

1- visit to Chapters to get me a day planner and Mimi and Nevaeh journals. We've started journaling it's helping Mimi work through all her pre teen crazy anxiety. 

10- number of Valentine days nick and I have celebrated together. 

1 million - the dollar amount I give to Starbucks every month. Or it feels like it 

14 /24 - my score on Oscar night. ( I saw 7/8 best picture movies)

3 - seasons of bones watched. Nick wanted a long show to watch. I think. 11 seasons of this show will keep us busy for a while. 

1 - movie I saw in the theatre. How to be single was way better than I expected !!

2 books read - see blog post here about that. 

3.25- hours to get my hair done - hello pretty balayage!!

28- the number of hearts I wrote messages on and taped to girls door each day first half of the month. 

1 date night. - our goal this year was 1 date night per month no kids allowed. I'm so glad we made it out !  Tracy Morgan was so funny. Such a fun and different date night which prompted our drive hike conversation about future dates. Topics include show in Toronto , paint balling, mini golf and more. Should be interesting lol

4 - number of kids who watched Fuller house all last weekend. SOOOO GOOD.

What did you do this month?

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  1. OH fun! I wish my kids were old enough to watch Fuller House and enjoy it with me! I've only gotten to watch 2 episodes, so sad! I need more hours of the day or quit my job so I can watch it, hehe.

  2. Love this and agreed with Starbucks. Time to open our own franchise. And great date ideas. Also, I love seeing kids at this stage. It gives me hope.

  3. LOL about the starbucks!! And American Girl is cray! But so fun!! Awesome date ideas!! Can't wait to read more about them. Nicole is a sweet angel!

  4. I love everything in this post...the hearts, the starbucks...but ONLY TWO GLASSES OF WINE???


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