Moments of Gratitude - March 21

Monday, March 21, 2016

After a great long weekend I have tons to be grateful for - so linking up again with my pal Shaunacey.

In no particular order:

Retired mother: it was march break here last week and it's also my busiest week at work. Therefore I never usually get time off and my mom watched my littlest ones tuesay - Thursday. Thanks ma! She sent me random photos of them baking cookies etc. they also made a ton of crafts. 

7 years of business - yay ! Miller Ellis will enter into our 8th wedding season. Insane ! I've been to Mexico twice, Dominican Twice, Boston and all over Ontario from this great gig. amazing!

My dads 5 year cancer free - I had meant to add this to last weeks and then posted it too soon. Yay - he no longer has to do the cancer clinic yearly. I could write a whole post on this, but I want this to be a happy place, so lets just say Yay, and move on...

St. Pattys day fun with work friends:

And finally I'm grateful for weekends off. I had an entire weekend with no work!  I cleaned, visited friends and slept in  Nevaeh and I did face masks and while I cleaned she was outside playing getting TONS of fresh air! Yay for spring.

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  1. some awesome moments for you!!! I love getting pics when the kids aren't with me, it's great to see them having fun!
    the masks is the cutest pic EVER!
    YAY for anniversaries, so glad we latched onto you guys early on!!!!!

    Simply Shaunacey

  2. I love jam jams! Also love seeing your photography!

  3. Yay for easier work weeks and weekends off!

  4. Your mask picture!! So great! Your dad's cancer-free news is awesome too!
    Making the Most of Every Day

  5. Congratulations on eight years of success. If your pictures of Nicole M. are any indication, you are a brilliant photographer.


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